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Bamboo Fiber Antibacterial Antifungal Washcloths with complimentary Salux Exfoliating Cloth

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Bamboo fiber is very strong, durable, non-allergic has unique anti-bacterial properties (no icky mildew smell). Our Bamboo Doux towels are, thicker (not wispy thin), larger than most wash cloths 13"x13" and are uber soft and more absorbent that cotton. It's kind to the skin. What we like is that it is also eco-friendly.

Instructions for care of your new towels: After your purchase, wash them SEPARATELY in hot water. This will tighten the weave structure of your towels and substantially diminish snagging. However, if you snag a towel (like with hang nail or something), you can simply cut it off with scissors. Your towels should not not run or snag.

Emphasis on SEPARATELY here. Wash them alone, by themselves. Don't wash them with your baby's bibs or anything with velcro on them that can snag on your towels. You can if you wish, wash them in a lingerie bag or pillow case. Tumble dry on low to medium or line dry. Don't you love the smell of items dried on a line? We have found that these do not stiffen after line drying like cotton towels. Do not use chlorine bleach, non-chlorine bleach or fabric softeners on your towels. Your towels are already soft and fabric softener is not needed and can lessen absorbency leaving a film. Be careful to not use facial care products and face washes that contain benzoyl peroxide as these can cause discoloration. Foods with natural dyes such as pomegranates and cranberry juice that can result in staining.

Have you tried washing your back? We certainly hope so. Do you think you've managed to clean your back good enough? You will have to turn yourself into a pretzel to get the crevices and curves with your arms twisted in strange ways. What about people with shoulder issues? The Salux cloth is 11x35 inches long to drape it down your back and easily wash your neck and back. It feels great and smoothes out those rough areas behind the arms, legs and buttocks.

DO NOT USE Salux cloth on babies, infants or young children. Adults only please.

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