Bamboo fiber antibacterial face wash cloth

Bamboo Doux Antibacterial, Antifungal Bamboo Fiber Face Cloths

Have you ever heard of bamboo fiber and what makes it so great?  Bamboo fiber is a durable fiber and resists nasty things such as bacteria and mildew that will normally grow on a cotton fiber towel.  Have you ever noticed how quickly your cotton towels go sour?  Is it 3 days, 4 days.....5 days?  Do you still use it on your body thinking you can just put some soap on it to get rid of the funkiness and then proceed to use it anyway????  Why would you do that?

Bamboo Doux bamboo fiber cloths are super soft and kind to the skin.  We listened to our customers and made them larger (13"x13").  They are also soft enough to use on babies and are not rough and scratchy. Our only complaint was that they were a little too soft.  Really??????

Bamboo fiber resists bacterial and mildew growth. really does.  You can go as long as described above and even longer.  You may not even notice that you've gone beyond 5 days before realizing that your face cloth needs to be laundered.  What is also really special about our cloths is that it will never, ever, never ever need chemical fabric softeners.  Bamboo Doux bamboo fiber face cloths will remain soft and fluffy wash after wash. 

Don't believe us?  Try a set for yourself. We dare ya!  Be kind to your skin. Stop trying to reuse those nasty bacteria infested, stinky mildew cloths and try Bamboo Doux


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