Nano ecofriendly towel

Get Rid of Those Paper Towels. Nano Towels Amazing Eco Fabric That Can Clean Virtually Any Surface


Stop using chemicals and paper towels in your home FOREVER! Use water to clean most of your home surfaces using Nano Towels!

Nano Towels are a modern type of towel that was created to replace the paper towels. These towels are different from the paper towels and will save users a significant amount of time. Besides being an excellent replacement to the paper towels, Nano Towels will be protecting the environment from toxic cleaners.

You can confuse Nano Towels with microfiber towels at first glance. However, there are some distinctions between the two. For one, despite microfiber being a great product, it can only be used for limited specific purposes. Nano Towels are made from a fiber known as Nanolon, a modern fiber. Unlike microfiber, Nanolon fiber can be used for several purposes, which is why Nano Towels can replace the cleaning products and paper towels.

Originally, Nano Towels were created to offer an alternative option for the people who use paper towels regularly. To achieve this, the creators of Nano Towels had to look at what the paper towels were regularly used for. They found that they were normally used for drying hands. Instead of using the hand towels, people like to use paper towels citing that most hand towels are made of cotton which is a poor absorber of water.

With Nano Towels, this is a different case. The Nanolon fiber used to make NanoTowels absorb water much quicker and dry out faster. The technology used in making these towels is top notch. In addition to being great for drying hands, one Nano Towels can do the same amount of work as half the roll of paper towels. To clean windows and counters, Nano Towels do a better job and leave them "germless."  Check out the amazing before and after pictures below.



Nano towels compared to microfiber towels

Before and after




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