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Lunasea Child/Pet Safety Water Activated Strobe Light w/RF Transmitter - Blue Case

Lunasea Child/Pet Safety Water Activated Strobe Light w/RF Transmitter - Blue Case

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Child/Pet Safety Water Activated Strobe Light with RF Transmitter - Blue CaseTransmits to receiver providing loud alarm and activates strobe notifying you of child or pet in distress. This complete safety system incorporates improved packaging other devices simply don’t offer, allowing for increased convenience and most importantly - greater peace of mind. In addition to being the smallest multi-function distress light and signaling device on the market today, Lunasea’s waterproof device is easily rechargeable. Ideal for use aboard boats, at the marina, when camping by the lake or stream, or even poolside. Designed to work independently, or in combination with a waterproof, rechargeable pocket-size alarm receiver that increases your ability to keep track of your loved ones at all times.In the event your child or pet should fall into in the water, an ultra-bright white distress strobe on the attachment automatically activates and the portable receiver sounds a loud audible alarm and flashes a bright strobe.Both the child or pet worn strobe and the portable receiver are equipped with long-lasting lithium batteries and work with standard wireless charging pads. The strobe’s distress light operates for a minimum of eight hours on a single charge, while the receiver functions for many days on a single charge.Features:Water activated strobePulsating monitor lightRemote audible alarm that fits in pocketRechargeable - Transmitter and ReceiverPortable alarm to notify you when in the waterTransmitter:Water Activated StrobeVisual TrackerRechargeable Lithium TransmitterIP67 WaterproofWireless Charging (uses standard charging pad)Velcro Straps for PetsAuto Switch - Off - Tracker - Rescue StrobeAuto and Manual StrobeLow battery indicator LEDReceiver:Rechargeable Portable ReceiverLoud Audible alarmVisual Strobe alarmWireless Charging (uses standard charging pad)IP65 WaterproofLow battery indicator LEDIn the BoxColored TransmitterReceiverHook & loop strapsLocking Wrist StrapRecharging wire*Sold as an Individual


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